Inebriated Primates

Hello, Void!

I thought it was time to send out an update because one of my poems was accepted for publication! It’s one of the first poems I wrote in my first poetry class at SSU, which I am realizing as I type, was not even a year ago. It’s so strange to think that poetry was not even part of my life in 2016.

Most of what I write is truly terrible lately, so the whole external validation thing is well-timed and helpful. Of course, I can’t help but talk myself out of it (“the only reason they took it is because they needed poems by women in that issue,” and “the poem is only any good because of the suggestions of better poets in your workshop,”).

Eeesh. It’s hard being a person. The poem is in the November 2017 issue of Drunk Monkeys.

Thanks, imaginary readers of my blog. 🙂


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